Working It Out


Today is the day I go to my local senior center and help lead a Caregiving Support Group.  I also do some work for the center on their website.

I took photographs of the twice weekly chair aerobics class several weeks ago and was waiting for the right opportunity to post my favorite of the photos.  The very reason I like it made it unpublishable on the website.  But, as is the case with many of my images, the subject often helps me address some of my own thoughts, fears and anxieties.

The focus, as you can see, is on the woman in the striped blouse to the left.

I fear my future, as many single people do, particularly when it comes to dealing with physical limitations and challenges.  But, I have lived long enough to know, however,  that a partner or adult children are no insulation or immunity to the realities of aging.

The woman with her arms down is my muse, not the ones with their arms outstretched.

I hope I am this woman in the coming years.

I hope I can put myself in the chair, whether I can do what is required at the moment or not.

Just putting myself in the chair may be the most complicated work out of my life, but this woman’s sweet striped shirt, crown of curls and stilled arms gives me hope.

©Pat Coakley 2009


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